Welcome to the Paleontological Site of Villaggio del Pescatore!

We are more than happy to welcome you to an amazing, unique place in Italy; this is the only site open to the public where original dinosaur skeletons have been found.

On this journey back in time you will be accompanied by a team of people who not only share the passion for scientific and cultural disclosure, but also believe in the enhancement and promotion of this remarkable area.

Since 2013, we can introduce different tourist and educational activities to everybody who enjoys discovering certain places and is virtually unfamiliar with this breathtaking region; all thanks to undivided commitment and unlimited passion for what we do.

In addition to the Paleontological Site, we also offer activities outside the common
tourist routes, including:

The Fioravante cave and the Cernizza forest in Duino
Taking a stroll through a beautiful forest of Cernizza will bring us to the entrance of a cave we still don’t know that much about. After an up-gradation, the cave opened its doors to the public in 2015. Now we are able to descend into the very belly of the earth and uncover the history of karstic caves and men who made use of them; it is a fascinating journey through time, from prehistoric days until today.

The educational walk of the Rilke Trail along the Cliffs of Duino
The Rilke Trail, named after the bohemian poet Rainer Maria Rilke, is a beautiful walk that connects Sistiana to Duino, running alongside the Falesie di Duino Nature Reserve and the view is absolutely striking. Walking the Rilke Trail offers an opportunity to observe karstification phenomena at close quarters. Scenic stations have been created, taking advantage of military bunkers and foxholes from the first and the second World War. This path used to be the western defensive line and traces of trenches from that time can still be seen in the limestone outcrops.

The resurgence of Timavo, nature, myths, and legends
A historical naturalistic stroll along this stunning path offers the sights of the Timavo oasis in its natural beauty and a visit to various other places of historical interest including the ruins of the Mulino Nuovo, the monument to the Wolves of Tuscany and the Church of San Giovanni in Tuba, which is notable for the remains of a Paleo- Christian Basilica.

The Monrupino Fort and the fortified village
Following a historical path will lead us to explore the fortified village where you can discover the Monrupino Fort, the church, a Medieval town hall and a small group of stone houses. You can also identify the oldest quarry in the Karst and by going around the walls, which took the name of ‘’tabor’’, you will come across the ruins of spectacular rock towers and the ancient supply basins.

A nature walk in the medieval hunting reserve of the Duino Princes
A splendid walk in this medieval hunting reserve of the Duino Princes among different kinds of the Mediterranean vegetation, which here reaches its northernmost extent following the gradual transition from the low, sandy coast of Villaggio del Pescatore to the high cliffs of Duino. During this walk, we will also be giving special attention to the edible and medicinal plants in the area and how they can make use of them.

Our work team is an assembly of experts in the paleontological field, archeological field and nature study. This team is also taking care of numerous educational activities intended for the students of any class and grade.
We offer educational workshops and lectures intending to involve students by stimulating them through a dynamic, interactive experience, so they can understand the themes and topics of the lessons. This way they can establish a constructive dialogue with the help of expressing any doubts they might have and ask any question.
Each of our activities is related to the theoretical and practical examples and they support the topics we cover. Some lessons are introductory or they correlate with the outdoor activities which are, from time to time, composed according to the requirements of the professor and the educational program he suggests.
We intend to accompany students on a cultural experience and encourage them to engage in dialogues that are not only uncovering the contents understandably but are revolving around the knowledge and perception of the places they are visiting; through an active communication, the students’ desire for knowledge about the area surrounding them, can be stimulated.

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